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Language Learning Research (formerly YazikOpen) is an online directory linking to over 4000 items of FREE open access research into the teaching and learning of Modern Foreign Languages. Most academic research is published in very expensive journals which form a considerable part of a university's library budget. The prohibitive costs of accessing academic articles mean that research is inaccessible to most people, often the people who have most to benefit from it. Open access means that you can access all the research linked in Language Learning Research without payment, wherever you are in the world.

Whether you are a student, a language teacher or a researcher how wants to learn more about how people learn languages then Language Learning Research is for you. No frustrating "Buy now!" buttons. No payment is necessary.

Are you a journal editor?

If you edit an open access journal, please check out my new guide for editors (.pdf). Please also check my letter to editors of open access journals in teaching modern languages.