Yazikopen is run by John Canning. John is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Brighton, but runs this website in his own time. He can also be found blogging on higher education matters on his personal website www.johncanning.net

Letter to editors of open access journals in language teaching

Dear Open Access Journal Editor

1. About YazikOpen
YazikOpen  (http://www.yazikopen.org.uk)  is  an  online  database  for  open  access  research concerning the teaching and learning of modern languages.  I began work on YazikOpen 2011.  Although I am currently Senior Lecturer in Learning and Teaching  in  Higher  Education  at  the  University  of  Brighton  and  previously worked at the UK Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, based at the University of Southampton, YazikOpen has no association with any of these organisations and I run the website in my own time using a commercial web-hosting service, financing this work through my own income and occasional
donations from users.

2    Why  catalogue  your  open  access  journal  in YazikOpen?
Inclusion in YazikOpen will make the research in your journal more visible to internet search engines such as Google and Google Scholar.  This is especially the case if your open access journal is hosted on an ordinary website such as a wordpress site as search engines are less likely to identify it specifically as an academic journal.

If  your  journal  is  catalogued  in  YazikOpen  each  entry  can  be  exported  in  a variety  of  formats  such  as  .ris  and  .bib  and  the  user  can  import  the  citation details into reference management software such as Zotero, Endnote or Reference Manager

Cataloguing  your  journal  in  YazikOpen  means  that  users  of  the  website  are more likely to find your articles too.  Students, teachers and academics in many countries depend upon open access research due to the prohibitive cost of subscription journals.

To ensure all your latest content is catalogued on the website guide for editors, please find details in the attached Guide of Editors. The guide is also available at http://www.yazikopen.org.uk/yazikopen/sites/default/files/YazikOpen%20editor%20guide1.pdf

If you have any questions about YazikOpen, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

John Canning
YazikOpen owner and developer.

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Canning, J. (2014) Developer, Financier, Designer: Building Hybrid Projects outside the University. Hybrid Pedagogy: a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology, March 2014

Canning, J. (2013) No open learning without open access: a portal for open access research into teaching modern languages, LLAS e-learning symposium, University of Southampton, January 2013 (Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8DlQZzaXnU

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