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Top 100 cited open access papers in teaching and learning foreign languages


The YazikOpen Top 100 cited open access papers list derives its data from google scholar. The data was collected on 28 June 2012 using the free software Publish or Perish. Data was only collection for the open access journals which appear in the YazikOpen journal list.


Number of citationsAuthorsTitleYearJournal
253D Hirsh, P NationWhat vocabulary size is needed to read unsimplified texts for pleasure?1992Reading in a foreign language
245MH Hsueh-Chao…Unknown Vocabulary Density and Reading Comprehension.2000Reading in a foreign language
236PL CarrellSome issues in studying the role of schemata, or background knowledge, in second language comprehension1983Reading in a foreign language
210M SwainManipulating and complementing content teaching to maximize second language learning1988TESL Canada Journal
147TS Paribakht, MB WescheReading comprehension and second language development in a comprehension-based ESL program1993TESL Canada journal
145RR Day, C Omura…Incidental EFL vocabulary learning and reading1992Reading in a foreign language
133R Waring…At what rate do learners learn and retain new vocabulary from reading a graded reader2003Reading in a Foreign language
118K LeeEnglish teachers' barriers to the use of computer-assisted language learning2000The Internet TESL Journal
117M PittsAcquiring Second Language Vocabulary through Reading: A Replication of the Clockwork Orange Study Using Second Language Acquirers.1989Reading in a Foreign language
112TN Robb…Extensive reading vs. skills building in an EFL context1989Reading in a foreign language
111R Day…Top ten principles for teaching extensive reading2002Reading in a foreign language
99AP CampbellWeblogs for use with ESL classes2003The Internet TESL Journal
99M Pigada…Vocabulary acquisition from extensive reading: A case study2006Reading in a Foreign Language
95MS Steffensen…Cultural knowledge and reading1984Reading in a foreign language
90E Olshtain…The learning of complex speech act behaviour1990TESL Canada Journal
88M SinghalThe Internet and foreign language education: Benefits and challenges1997The Internet TESL Journal
88TM Chung…Technical vocabulary in specialised texts2003Reading in a foreign language
87JC AldersonTesting reading comprehension skills (part one)1990Reading in a foreign language
84P Nation…Graded Readers and Vocabulary.1999Reading in a Foreign Language
82M Lessard-CloustonLanguage learning strategies: An overview for L2 teachers1997The Internet TESL Journal
82JC Alderson…Cognition and reading: Cognitive levels as embodied in test questions1989Reading in a foreign language
81R BelisleE-mail activities in the ESL writing class1996The Internet TESL Journal
81R Oxford…Vocabulary learning: A critical analysis of techniques1990TESL Canada Journal
81A Hunt…A framework for developing EFL reading vocabulary2005Reading in a Foreign language
80D ThanasoulasWhat is learner autonomy and how can it be fostered2000The Internet TESL Journal
80H SaitoTeachers' practices and students' preferences for feedback on second language writing: A case study of adult ESL learners1994TESL Canada Journal
80RA BermanSyntactic components of the foreign language reading process1984Reading in a foreign language
76C KellyDavid Kolb, the theory of experiential learning and ESL1997The Internet TESL Journal
76J Norris-HoltMotivation as a contributing factor in second language acquisition2001The Internet TESL Journal
76E Taguchi, M Takayasu-Maass…Developing reading fluency in EFL: How assisted repeated reading and extensive reading affect fluency development2004… in a Foreign Language
75J YamashitaReading attitudes in L1 and L2, and their influence on L2 extensive reading2004Reading in a foreign language
74M BennsoussanThe Effect of Dictionary Usage on EFL Test Performance Compared with Student and Teacher Attitudes and Expectations.1984Reading in a Foreign language
72Z RaoMatching teaching styles with learning styles in East Asian contexts2001The Internet TESL Journal
72N Spada…Intensive ESL programmes in Quebec primary schools1989TESL Canada Journal
72MM DwyerMore Is Better: The Impact of Study Abroad Program Duration.2004Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad
71R Salataci…Possible effects of strategy instruction on L1 and L2 reading2002Reading in a foreign language
70M CooperLinguistic competence of practiced and unpracticed non-native readers of English1984Reading in a foreign language
70T Johns…Text as a vehicle for information: The classroom use of written texts in teaching reading in a foreign language1983Reading in a Foreign Language
68V ReganSociolinguistics and language learning in a study abroad context1998Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study …
66MA BarnettMore than meets the eye1989Foreign Language Reading. Theory and Practice
65L Engle…Study abroad levels: Toward a classification of program types2003… The interdisciplinary journal of study abroad
63K GatehouseKey issues in English for specific purposes (ESP) curriculum development2001The Internet TESL Journal
63L Chieffo…Large-Scale Assessment of Student Attitudes after a Short-Term Study Abroad Program.2004Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study …
60J CumminsRethinking monolingual instructional strategies in multilingual classrooms2007Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics (CJAL)/ …
59R SkibaCode switching as a countenance of language interference1997The internet TESL journal
58M Lessard-CloustonTowards an understanding of culture in L2/FL education1997The Internet TESL Journal
58S WilkinsonOn the nature of immersion during study abroad: Some participant perspectives1998Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study …
56L Engle…Assessing Language Acquisition and Intercultural Sensitivity Development in Relation to Study Abroad Program Design.2004Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study …
56A Ryan…The case of the invisible vowels: Arabic speakers reading English words1992Reading in a foreign language
56M Wodinsky…Learning from Graded Readers.1988Reading in a Foreign Language
55JC AldersonTesting reading comprehension skills (part two): getting students to talk about taking a reading test (a pilot study)1990Reading in a foreign language
54S MoriRedefining motivation to read in a foreign language2002Reading in a Foreign language
54C BrantmeierDoes gender make a difference? Passage content and comprehension in second language reading2003Reading in a Foreign Language
54A DaviesSimple, simplified and simplification: what is authentic1984Reading in a foreign language
53P NationThe role of the first language in foreign language learning2003Asian EFL Journal
53J Breitkreutz, TM Derwing…Pronunciation teaching practices in Canada2009TESL Canada Journal
53P NationThe role of the first language in foreign language learning2003Asian EFL Journal
52EC Ingraham…Assessing the Impact of Study Abroad on Student Learning at Michigan State University.2004… interdisciplinary journal of study abroad
51A Medina-Lopez-PortilloIntercultural Learning Assessment: The Link between Program Duration and the Development of Intercultural Sensitivity.2004… The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad
50C Canning-Wilson…Practical aspects of using video in the foreign language classroom2000The Internet TESL Journal
50J BamfordExtensive Reading by Means of Graded Readers.1984Reading in a Foreign Language
49MAH Mohammed…Factors Affecting the Successful Reading of Technical Instructions.1984Reading in a foreign language
48R OxfordWho are our students? A synthesis of foreign and second language research on individual differences with implications for instructional practice1992TESL Canada Journal
47T BellExtensive reading: Why? and how1998The Internet TESL Journal
47H Ansary…Universal characteristics of EFL/ESL textbooks: A step towards systematic textbook evaluation2002The Internet TESL Journal
47RM Paige, AD Cohen…Assessing the Impact of a Strategies-Based Curriculum on Language and Culture Learning Abroad.2004… interdisciplinary journal of study …
47PL CarrellReadability in ESL.1987Reading in a Foreign Language
46M HismanogluLanguage learning strategies in foreign language learning and teaching2000The Internet TESL Journal
45A JohnsonCreating a writing course utilizing class and student blogs2004The internet TESL journal
45RC Sutton…The GLOSSARI Project: Initial Findings from a System-Wide Research Initiative on Study Abroad Learning Outcomes.2004Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study …
44K Kitao…Selecting and developing teaching/learning materials1997The Internet TESL Journal
44L WhiteIs There a" Logical Problem" of Second Language Acquisition?1985TESL Canada Journal
44Y Kanno…ESL Students Speak Up: Their Stories of How We are Doing.1995TESL Canada Journal
44GM TangPeer response in ESL writing1999TESL Canada Journal
44J PennerChange and conflict: Introduction of the communicative approach in China1995TESL Canada Journal
44C Kinginger…Assessing Development of Meta-Pragmatic Awareness in Study Abroad.2004Frontiers: The interdisciplinary journal of study …
43V MuehleisenProjects using the Internet in college English classes1997The Internet TESL Journal
43SB Twombly Piropos and Friendships: Gender and Culture Clash in Study Abroad.1995Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad
43E TaguchiThe Effects of Repeated Readings on the Development of Lower Identification Skills of FL Readers.1997Reading in a Foreign Language
43A FranssonCramming or understanding? Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on approach to learning and test performance1984Reading in a foreign language. London: Longman
42R BermanLearners' transfer of writing skills between languages1994TESL Canada Journal
42N Segalowitz, B Freed, J Collentine…A Comparison of Spanish Second Language Acquisition in Two Different Learning Contexts: Study Abroad and the Domestic Classroom.2004… Interdisciplinary Journal …
41M Gonglewski, C Meloni…Using e-mail in foreign language teaching: Rationale and suggestions2001The Internet TESL Journal
41M SinghalA comparison of L1 and L2 reading: Cultural differences and schema1998The Internet TESL Journal
41AH UrquhartThe effect of rhetorical ordering on readability1984Reading in a foreign language
40T SilvaL1 vs L2 writing; ESL graduate students' perceptions1992TESL Canada Journal
40GP SampsonExporting language teaching methods from Canada to China1984TESL Canada Journal
39K SchoeppReasons for using songs in the ESL/EFL classroom2001The internet TESL journal
39R WeschlerUses of Japanese (L1) in the English classroom1997The Internet TESL Journal
39R EllisThe methodology of task-based teaching2006Asian EFL Journal
39RM Asraf…Promoting English language development and the reading habit among students in rural schools through the Guided Extensive Reading program2003Reading in a Foreign Language
39R EllisThe methodology of task-based teaching2006Asian EFL Journal
38H Kyongho…Reducing the vocabulary load and encouraging vocabulary learning through reading newspapers1989Reading in a Foreign Language
38CY LeungExtensive reading and language learning: A diary study of a beginning learner of Japanese2002Reading in a foreign language
38E Taguchi…Transfer effects of repeated EFL reading on reading new passages: A preliminary investigation2002Reading in a Foreign Language
38HG WiddowsonReading and communication1984Reading in a foreign language. Nova York: Longman
37F KilickayaAuthentic materials and cultural content in EFL classrooms2004The Internet TESL Journal
37MH KoGlosses, comprehension, and strategy use2005Reading in a Foreign Language
37T RidgwayThresholds of the Background Knowledge Effect in Foreign Language Reading.1997Reading in a Foreign language